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Anthony Joshua Vs Eric Molina Preview

Anthony Joshua Vs Eric Molina live stream

Anthony Joshua Vs Eric Molina Preview

Anthony Joshua Vs Eric Molina  will be  in 10th of December defending his IBF title. It has all been a cakewalk for him so far, ever since he was crowned with the gold Medal in 2012 Olympics in London. Joshua has knocked out every opponent he has faced. Many have compared him to Mike Tyson, in terms of his physique and his ruthlessness in the manner he knocks people out. He is blessed with incredible power, but also jaw dropping speed. This is what has been his attribute which has brought him so much success in such a short space of time. It’s the combination of power with the speed he possesses.

Can Molina cause an upset?

Eric Molina is going to be the underdog facing Anthony Joshua in his own den. But he has said, the atmosphere won’t get the better of him. As he claims he has already had the experience and won’t be affected by it. Eric on the other hand could argue, he has faced tougher opponents and has the ability to cause a major upset. He is also blessed with tremendous power, but one thing that may let him down is his speed. He simply can’t match Joshua for speed. So he will have to be very disciplined throughout and show he has a chin.

What Eric Molina has to do? if he is to win

It is essential for Eric Molina to maintain shape in the first 3 rounds, because this is where Anthony Joshua is most deadly. 90% of his opponent have been knocked out in the first 3 rounds. This is due to the aggressive nature they approach Joshua and this leaves this chin opened and are vulnerable. Joshua always seems to pounce and thrive in this moment. Leaving the Opponent in their backside. Once his punch connects, more often than not, it shakes the opponent and the ruthless nature and his persistence means, he finishes the job very early.

Anthony Joshua’s weakness

But one thing he must bank on is, he must test Joshua’s chin, because he is yet to be tested and punched properly. The only boxer to have tested him yet was Dalian White in the 2nd round of the fight. He almost made a major upset, he shook Joshua. But he wasn’t able to build and cash on into that. This means, Joshua recovered and started getting those jabs in and mentally prepared himself to be more disciplined and fight for longer rounds. He eventually knocked Whyte out in 7th round, but it wasn’t one of his most convincing victories. In order to have any chance of winning, he must hurt Joshua and that too early, and take him to an unprecedented territory of rounds. Joshua is yet to fight full 12 rounds, so it will be yet to be seen how he can sustain the level of power till that.

What time does Anthony Joshua vs Eric Molina Start?

Anthony Joshua vs Eric Molina starts at 22:00- 22:30 GMT.

What Channel is it on?

You can watch Joshua vs Molina in Sky Sports Box Office.

Where can I watch Anthony Joshua vs Eric Molina live streaming?

You can watch it in Sky sports Box Office.

IBF Heavyweight Title – Anthony Joshua v Eric Molina

Saturday Night 10 December 2016 from 5pm
£16.95 / €21.95.