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Arsenal vs Bayern Munich free live stream

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich free live stream

Where can I watch Arsenal vs Bayern Munich live stream?

Watch Bayern Munich vs Arsenal free stream online here. We will provide links to external sites such as Youtube/Ustream, where you will be able to watch it. The game will take place in 
February 15, 2017. Make sure you stay tuned and don’t miss out.

Bayern vs Arsenal live stream

Arsenal will face Bayern Munich in the knock-out stages of the champions league. This isn’t the first time they have been drawn with them. In fact they have featured twice in the last 4 years. As an Arsenal fan, you would be worrying as the gunners are yet to defeat them. However, if you are to predict the game by form, Arsene Wengers side will start as the clear favourites after topping the group table. They were very impressive in the group stages and even managed to beat the likes of Paris Saint Germain. The history might be against them but they will be looking to change their fortune this year.

 Disappointing group stage

Bayern were in a group with Atletico Madrid, this was a tough group for them as they didn’t manage to win them. This resulted on them finishing 2nd in the group. Bayern have recently appointed a new manager, Carlo Ancelotti who has got a great track record in the champions league.Despite his success in the Bernabau he was sacked the following year when they failed to retain it. So far, it has been a shaky start, but this is also down to the injuries that they have been hit win. The likes of Ribery and Robben are Injured. This was a major blow for them as they are part of their formidable attack. Good thing for Bayern fans is, all the players have returned from the injury, meaning they will be able to present their full strength squad this year.

Who is starting for Arsenal

From a neutral point of view, this will be a thrilling match with so many world class players in show. It will be fascinating to see which team comes out in top. One thing we can safely say before the start is, it won’t be a one sided game as both teams are equally good. The game will be decided in the midfield area, it will be interesting to see how OZIL and Sanchez perform. This will dictate which team will win. At the other hand, if Robert Lewondoski comes to the show and performs. It could well be curtains for Arsenal as he has proved to be a lethal striker when it comes to the big games. Both teams possess a lot of firepower going up front. Both teams however can’t afford to get too complacent and leave gaps that could be countered.

Its important that while going for an attack, they do not leave any vulnerabilities behind. This is when Bayern can use this blistering pace to counter attack. Arsenal do have some pacy defenders in their rank, but it will be hard to stop them if they become careless. This is a trophy that every Arsenal fan wants to see lifted as this has never be done in their history. If they want to get a step closer to lifting it, they must first defeat Bayern Munich.