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Where can I watch Liverpool vs West Brom live stream?

You will be able to watch Liverpool vs West Brom online free. The reds take on the blues in an intense encounter at Anfield. Liverpool is desperate to grab all 3 points to step closer to the leader Chelsea. Liverpool vs Sevilla live streaming.

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Sevilla vs Liverpool free stream

Liverpool has one of the largest fan bases when it comes to a club with the best fans. Liverpool always seems to be thereabouts with the bests. Their slogan “You will never walk alone” is always sung around during the games. Liverpool is home to one of the best strikers and midfielders the Premier League has grace. Most notably their club legend Stephen Gerrard.

Gerrard slip cost Liverpool the title

Despite missing a glorious close to clinching the Premier league title in 2014, they were unfortunate to lose due to a slip by their most popular player Gerrard. The Slip during the Chelsea game resulted in them dropping points, which enabled Manchester United to lift the trophy. It was the era when they had arguably the best attack in the league. Even competing with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea. They had Luis Suarez, who was just a goal machine, scoring in almost every game. It was as if it was just like a walk in the park for him. He did endure a hard time in the premier league, primarily due to his shocking antics during the game. He bit David Luiz, which got him the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Suarez and Sterling leave Anfield

With his name being amongst the controversy he was handed a 5 game ban. After a successful season at Anfield, many clubs were interested in signing the Uruguayan. He was one of the most sought out strikers in the world. Eventually, Barcelona was able to snatch him for a mammoth £75 million deal to the Camp Nou. Although losing a striker of that calibre is hard to replace, but financially were in a good position after managing to sale him for such a hefty price. But they were hurt after Raheem Sterling decided to choose money over pride. He agreed to join the Etihad for a British record price of £49 million.

Impressive first season under Klopp

After this, Brendon Rogers had an abysmal season, resulting him being replaced by Jurgen Klopp. A manager that fostered a reputation that accommodated the clubs ethos. Immediately he managed to win the hearts of the fans and started to displayed promise in his very first year in charge. He led the reds to the final of the Europa League, which they, unfortunately, weren’t able to lift against Sevilla. He has shown glimpses of bringing Liverpool, back to where they belong. Which is competing in the Premier League Title. Which hasn’t been the case in the last 10 years. It will be interesting to see, how he is able to structure, manage and develop the team in the forthcoming years.

 Will Liverpool end the draught?

As things stand, they are still title contenders. However, they will have to be can’t afford to be complement. The main worry for the fans will be, that will the players stay fit? Because this is where the season is dictated. The teams, that can stay most of the season injury free, seem to have the edge. But if they somehow unfortunately lose likes of Coutinho or Firminho that may be trouble for them. The two Brazilian are their most imperative players. Under the dictatorship of Kloop they have been able to complement each other and trouble most defenses. But staying injury free will be in the top of the bucket list for them. We all have to wait and see until the end of the season if Liverpool will end their draught of Premier League title.

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