Home Football Messi dribbles past 5 defenders against Espanyol

Messi dribbles past 5 defenders against Espanyol

Messi dribbles past 5 defenders against Espanyol

Mesmerising Messi sets up the 2nd goal by going past 5 players

Whenever Messi receives the ball, you always expect something to happen. But today, he once again proved why he is the best in the planet. Firstly, it started with the magisterial dribbling from the Spanish magician Andres Iniesta. He went past 3 players and squared it to Messi. After that, the rest is history. The 5 times Ballon D’or winner went past 5 of the Espanyol players in 5 seconds. His ability to just glide past them with the slightest of touch, also using his body feint.


Suarez Second Goal against Espanyol (2-0) from soccer


 Suarez cashes in to make it 2-0

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to finish it off, once the ball rebounded of the keeper. Came in Suarez, who capitalised in the poor goal keeping and scored a tap in to grab his second goal of the game. With such mesmerising football, there is only one thing you can do, is to admire and appreciate the Argentinian Magician. We are truly blessed to witness such jaw dropping football unfold to our very eyes.