Home Football PSG vs Ludogrates 1-1 Match report

PSG vs Ludogrates 1-1 Match report

PSG vs Ludogrates 1-1 Match report

PSG vs Ludogrates 1-1 Match report

PSG survived an unlikely defeat against the underdogs in the Champions league group stage. PSG playing at home would have fancied their chances, considering they took out their best squad to compete in this game. However, it didn’t turn out as they would have wanted, in champions league you simply cannot undermine any team. PSG made a mistake of that and missed out in 2 valuable points against udogrates.

1st Half- Misidjan surprises with a stunner

They kicked off the game being joint top with Arsenal, a victory required to top the group. They went on attack and dominated the possession. But in the 15th minute Virgil Misidjan silenced the Paris crowd. Netting a thumping goal, it was at this point the game started to get interesting. Ludogorets Razgrad going 1-0 up.

PSG vs Ludogrates 1-1 Match report

PSG trailing went all out attack to get back into the game. Then came in the emphatic strike from Edinson Cavani, who has been the go to man for them all season. Bringing it all back to where it started. After another 8 minutes, Wanderson came up back up and scored. Leading with just 20 minutes to go.

Angel Di Maria scores an beauty at the 90th minute to secure a draw

Paris Saint Germain at the verge of losing, but it was at the 90th minute the Argentinian genius scored in the very last second to secure a hard fought draw.