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Relive the moment when Braithwaite made the impossible possible

West Indies vs England T20 final

Best finish to the game

There are some moments in cricket, which are simply indelible. Non-more than the recent finish in the world t20 Final by the West Indies all-rounder Carlos Braithwaite.

England on the front foot with 19 runs to get from the last over

Long story short, they didn’t have best of starts and needed 19 off the last over. England the clear favourites to clinch the world t20 title for the second time. Ben Stokes was given the task to bowl the last over, which would change his cricketing career for the wrong reason. It was very clear from the West Indies point of view; they needed a boundary, that too in every single ball. Stoke goes for an attempted Yorker, which he misses. Braithwaite smokes in down the leg side. Straightway, the pendulum swings towards West Indies. The pressure is transferred and it’s England who is in pressure. Second ball gets absolutely hammered goes 40 rows back. Carlos throws the kitchen sink at it and receives another valuable six. Now it was 7 of 4 ball and West Indies in the driving seat.

7 runs of 4 balls, West Indies in the driving seat

It was unbelievable hitting from Braithwaite, and he makes it 3 out of 3 by mistiming the 3rd ball for another six over mid on. Yes that’s right, he barely got it out of the middle of the bat. But the brute force he possesses meant that it was only going out of the ropes. Now the equation was 1 run of 3 balls. West Indies is in the brink of its victory. Many expected Braithwaite to pick up the single and make it safe. But the Barbados born Braithwaite was having none of it. He nailed the 4th one too, which was the biggest six of the game. It was nailed and went miles back.

West indies Jubilant, England despondent

The West Indies team in jubilation, England team flabbergasted. It was difficult to fathom not just for England but every single fan who watched that game. What seemed impossible to achieve, was made possible in the most dramatic of ways. That too with 2 balls to spare. That will go down the history books as the most thrilling finish ever to register in the game.

What makes it so special?

It wasn’t just the fact that he hit 4 sixes in the over to win, that was impressive. It’s the occasion; it’s what was in stake. The pressure was immense and the reward was worthy of his endeavour. One question, that creeps to every cricketers mind is, that will this finish ever be overcome.West Indies remains one of the most feared sides when it comes to T20 cricket. Their form in the longer formats may be questioned, but when it comes to T20 cricket they are still the dominant force. From a neutral point of view. You can only wish they replicate this in the longer formats too as they are a fascinating team to watch when in song.

Have you witnessed a better finish to the game than this? if so please let us know in the comment section.