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Ronaldo offered £256 million to leave Real Madrid


Offer made by an undisclosed Chinese team

The Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been offered a staggering £256.6 to leave the Bernabau. His agent Jorge Mendes claims that an unnamed Chinese Club has made a bid for the Portuguse forward. China has been making a lot of headlines recently with some big names in European football made an offer they simply couldn’t refuse. Players such as Oscar and Tevez have already joined their respective teams. Carlos Tevez is currently on a £600,000 plus weekly wage. It is mind-boggling the amount of money these Chinese teams are splashing to secure the big names.

 Ronaldo recently agreed a 1 billion deal with Nike

Ronaldo recently signed a lifetime deal with Nike. Which is reportedly worth over 1 Billion dollars. Yes you heard that right, but of course he will not be paid that amount all at once. There will be installment in a yearly basic. For a player like Ronaldo, money isn’t everything. He already makes a whooping £500,000+ in wage currently at Real Madrid. Not to mention he also has other endorsements with TagHeur and Nike. He is playing in one of the best leagues and scoring goals regularly.

Leaving Madrid would mean, he plays in a less competitive team and his goals there wouldn’t be respected as much. He may make this move in the upcoming years, when he believes the time is right to leave top flight football in pursuit for a more relaxed and financially beneficial league. But for now all the Madrid and football fans can breathe, as this move will not happen.

Paul Pogba is the current record holder

In this decade, football has gone absolutely crazy with the amount of money clubs are paying. Take for example the recent transaction Manchester United made to secure the services of the French midfielder Paul Pogba. An astonishing £89 million was paid. It is safe to say that this record will be broken in the next few years considering the recent trend.